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Fear of Mixing Prints; Let it Go!


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Fear of Mixing Prints; Let it Go!

So, let's talk mixing prints!  Please don't sleep on this trend because you can look amazing and put a stamp on your own personal style with the right print collaboration. There has always been a bit of fashion controversy about mixing prints.  Although there is a way to overdo it, there is also a way to mix prints that will WOW even the most rule-abiding fashionista!  

Couple bolder, more vivid prints together for a blend that's as improbable as it is stylish.  Flower prints are about of the hardest patterns to mix and match with because each floral print we encounter is so unlike the next. Test prints that are alike in design but live in contrasting style classes.  Also, add similar prints to a simple outfit for a more dramatic look.  Whatever you do, BE YOU!  I always mix prints, but I also have never been one to follow fashion rules so......I would love your your feedback!